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Tattoos By Mak

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Hi! My name is Mak! I'm 21, from NJ, and have an absolute passion for tattooing and artistry. I've drawn my entire life, and finding this craft has given me lots of purpose and encouragement to pursue my dreams of being an artist. In terms of style of tattoos I do, I try to be as versatile as possible, but I love doing anything that has to do with fairies, whimsical creatures, cottagecore-like imagery, mushrooms, toads, etc. I also love anything traditional: from American traditional, to Japanese traditional, and Neo-traditional. I would say I truly specialize in specialized/relatives/peoples handwriting, since I started off my career primarily doing those types of designs and it is what I'm used to most, however I am truly trying to expand my versatility and would love to do more and more ambitious pieces. At the end of each day, my main priority is making sure my clients are happy when they leave my chair and feel good about their work. 

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Studio Phone: (732) 872-4092 

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